She's done!

Just a quick post with my completed Winter Queen:

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I promise more interesting blog entries later this weekend! LOL


As promised...

Here's the latest pic of Mirabilia's Winter Queen

**removed due to completed pic above!

I'm guessing another 25-30 hours to finish the blob of regular stitching on the left there and finish the wisper and few beads in her ermine (already finished all the beading on her arms and bodice....).

Yes, I read!

I've added info (at least I hope I've added info...) over to the right about the books I'm reading.

I have a "Home" Book which usually gets time before bed or occasionally on a weekend afternoon and a "Bus" Book that I carry back and forth to work. I'm not going to spend 1.5 hours each day on the bus and not have a book!


Note for any Oz readers - huge Survivor spoiler!

My daughter and I are fans of Survivor.

The current Survivor series has a pirate theme - making it even more fun to watch each Thursday evening.

Except tonight.

Our favorite Survivor...was voted OFF!

They voted off Rupert! The man single-handedly supplying the tribe with fish for the last 27 days! The single most interesting character on the whole show!

We are hoping he returns for the next Survivor series - which will be made up of Survivors from previous series....we are hoping....

Otherwise all is well :) A lovely package of Delica beads from Fire Mountain Gems arrived today and I have promised myself some beading once Winter Queen is complete....soon....soon....

Finished my eBusiness class last night (I'll have an "A") and next week starts the countdown...30 weeks left. I'll be finishing in JUNE!


Such a small world....

About a week ago I received an email from a lovely lady in France.

Seems she was searching online for information on Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Wedding Sampler and stumbled across my website! She was ever-so-complimentary about my version (you can see it here) and asked if I would be willing to trade the chart as she was having a hard time locating it.

Trade? For something direct from France? Heck ya!

So we've been emailing back and forth about family and stitching and we've found a few common interests ;) Stitching, quilting, family - amazing but yet not surprising at all :)

When I went to pull my copy of HWS out of my stash on Sunday, it was not to be found. No matter! I headed to a local shop to pick up a fresh copy to send off. Her bold request will be rewarded not only with a brand new chart, but also the accompanying accessory pack found in the clearance basket for about $20 :) (The rest of my purchases to come in a minute...I had a GOOD day!). She's quite happy and on the prowl for some French stitching magazines for me. No, I don't read French.....do I need to? LOL

As for the rest of my purchases today:

Lavendar Wings "All Hallows Eve" - $2.75
TW's The Minstrel - $6 (I know I have it, but I couldn't abandon it for that price! I've already traded it on the TWBB ;))
JustNan's Witch Way (with charms!) - $8
VS Sweet Pea Gazebo (with Accessory pack) $20
JN Icy Hill (with charm) - $5
Val's Stuff Fright Night - $3
Cricket Collection - A House in the Wood - $1

Also picked up 2 skeins of Silk 'n Colors for a wedding sampler (Midnight Cobalt and Stormy Skies) and 2 metallics for the sampler (Coworker is getting married next May - I like to start early LOL). The sampler is by Laura at Enchanting Lair and I can't find a pic online anywhere!

So after all the turmoil of the last week, today went a loooong way to restoring my good humor and good thoughts :) A bit of shopping, a new friend overseas...what more can one ask from the world, large or small?


The whirlwind winds down...

I can honestly say I never want to repeat the last 3 weeks of my life ever again. Way too much going on compounded with too much stress and tension and worry.

Vegas trip was a nice diversion and as expected, I managed a half-dozen afghan squares (I'm up to 19 total! Might finish all 63 in my lifetime....). No other stitching to speak of and not even a hint of shopping for books or stash!

I did receive 2 ordered books in the mail when I got home: Jacqueline Carrey's Kushiel's Avatar (love this series) and Paolini's Eragon. I finished JD Robb's Ceremony in Death over the weekend....what to start next...hmmm....

So, now that we're headed into the holiday season, I'm looking forward to long holiday weekends, Christmas shopping and baking and crisp cool mornings. I'm still on track to finish Mirabilia's Winter Queen before year end (I know, I owe you all a new pic....later today!) and start "pruning" my WIPs next year. It's time to finish some of these projects!

Oh...one more thing...I also moved my website over to my new domain Annette's Acre. There will be a full redesign in the next weeks, but for now I've just done a bit of updating and added new designer pages. Take a peek and let me know what you think!


I'm off for a few days....

Bright and early tomorrow morning I'm off to Las Vegas! Husband, kids and in-laws and I are all piling into a rented minivan for the drive up to Sin City. We'll be staying at Excalibur for 3 nights and just taking it easy...

The last trip was work-related, so this time I'm looking to have some fun and see some sights and shop, shop, shop.

I did finish one ornament last night for the TWBB Ornament Exchange, but won't post a picture until the recipient sees it first ;) I'll have another one done tonight and my measly pair is all I could manage this year (ok, so 2 is my usual number).

I probably won't be stitching much (hate stitching in the car), but will be working on my afghan (made up of 60+ squares of different stitches) instead. *SO* much easier to handle....

Until Wednesday!


I'm such a geek!

As of this afternoon, I'm the proud owner of an online domain!

Soon, you'll see the debut of my new home page at www.annettesacre.com (no, there's nothing there right now....let me at least get rid of my company! LOL)

I'm so excited! I'm so freakin' geeky! LOLOL!


Ah, the sweet satisfaction of success....

Given the last few days, it's nice to do something right on the first try!

I apologize for the delay in posting - life has just been so hectic that I'm just treading water on a day-to-day basis.

I have company and we had a busy weekend running around Saturday and spending Sunday at the Nascar race. That was a 10 hour adventure and it took at least that long for my hearing to return to normal. Note to self: Next time: earplugs. I did buy a cool straw hat while I was there to keep the glare out of my eyes, but I never did buy the earrings that I'd hoped to find....ah well.

This week is still busy as I try to get as much accomplished before my short vacation this weekend to Las Vegas! This is my second trip to Vegas this year....heck, this is my second trip in my entire lifetime! This time we're staying at Excalibur and I hope to see far more than last time, when the family had fun and I was working most of the time....not this time!

Cross your fingers..

I'm trying to add comments to my little online world here...let's hope I've managed to do it correctly!