Just so you know....

There will be a significant break between entries for the next several days.

You see, I'm moving.

I still have packing to do. Still have a refrigerator to buy (should take care of that tonight). Still have to switch the children's schools.

It's going to be hectic.

I know, I'm a master of understatement.....LOL

See you from a new address next week!



I seem to be missing an entry...let's see if this brings it back...


Sold the house!

Yes, it's official! We've sold the house just a few days before we're moving in to our new one.

What a huge relief! Of course there are still things that can go wrong, but the biggest step has been taken.

The unexpected twist - they want our refrigerator included so I'll have to buy a new one after we move....and with all the other expenses right now and the new mortgage "in-process" it'll have to wait until the tax refund comes in...LOL. We'll be using a mini-frig for a couple weeks!

Also, the last Halloween Round Robin arrived in today's mail. Even though I packed up the majority of stash yesterday (it's enough to keep me from buying any more for a bit) I still have access to my DMC boxes and I've already pulled the few floss colors I need to finish this piece and return it to its owner.

Off to stitch a black cat!


Another ride on the roller coaster...

Day didn't start well. The tooth that's been bothering me had me in tears from pain on the way to work. So back home I went in search of a dentist.

I absolutely *hate* going to the dentist.

I have horror stories that would bring even a dentist down.

I always ask a potential new dentist's office "How do you handle people that HATE going to the dentist?" If they assure me that I'll *love* them, I politely go on the next one. That's what they're supposed to say....I want a bit more honesty.

Dr. Kathy Jacobsen's office answered differently. "Roughly 30% of our clients come in with that attitude. Then they come back for another visit...and another. We have developed some techniques for handling pain and anxiety and our patients say they work."

Ok. I'll give them a try.

I go in at 9 and I have never seen a more obvious woman-oriented dentist office. From the magazines on the rack ("Working Mother" and "US") to the cushy black leather sofas and chatty office manager (we compare charm bracelets), I just get a feeling that estrogen is indeed the predominant hormone. They x-ray the offending tooth. Dr. Jacobsen says I have two choices - extraction or root canal. Extraction is complicated due to my blood thinner meds. A root canal was my last dental horror story.

She has a highly recommended specialist for the root canal. She doesn't do them herself! This is definitely new territory! She asks if a "regular" dentist did my last one and I affirm. "We can't do everything well as much as some would like to think!"

My specialist appointment was at 3 and Dr. Jacobsen had supplied me with a single "happy patient pill" (valium) to help with my horrible nerves. I can honestly say it was the best dental visit I've had and I *just* might be on the road to conquering this fear.... Second visit is Thursday to finish the root canal, but for now, I'm absolutely *thrilled* that the pain is gone! And no, that's not the valium talking! LOL

I did take time to finish off my Bent Creek piece this afternoon in an attempt to defuse my pre-visit jitters:

He's on light sand Belfast and done in DMC.


Where's the Stitching?

Some may have noticed that my blog has rather lapsed into the ordinary everyday stuff and away from its intended subjects.

I'm sorry...it's just that the everyday stuff has taken over.

I haven't picked up a needle in 2 days - no wait - 3 days.

I've managed to read a little (finished "Cutwork" and started "Under the Tuscan Sun") but nothing earth-shakingly interesting.

I'm surrounded by stuff that I need to pack. Movers come next Friday afternoon and it's tough to make much packing headway when you've got to keep a house clean for showings to potential buyers.

I'm doomed, I tell ya, doomed!

But I did have a fabulous lunch today with a certain Gidget of the Whiz persuasion and her DH :) Oooh'ed and aaah'ed over a couple of WIPs she brought along. That's related, right? Right?

Stitching Friday....or I may just implode from stress!!


Lost Keys and Ham Sandwiches

That pretty much sums up my day.

First for the lost keys - evidently as I was juggling laptop, purse, badge, empty soda can and my keys this morning in the parking garage, I dropped my keys when I dropped the soda can into the trash. I didn't notice this until 4:15 when it was time to leave work. Thankfully the keys were found and turned in to the parking garage people who then left a note on my car that they had my keys.

It took me roughly 40 minutes to get from "Where are my keys?!?!" to actually leaving retracing steps in the garage and checking the car of my co-worker that I'd gone to lunch with. I didn't even SEE the note on my car and it wasn't until after I'd retrieved the keys from the office that I wondered how on earth they knew what car to leave the note on in the first place.... Methinks someone was pushing my remote buttons on the 5th floor of the parking garage!

The ham sandwich part of my day was not lunch....it was my performance review.

Every January we receive our reviews and increases. I had relatively modest expectations based on my quarterly reviews with my now-former boss. And I was fairly close....but a couple areas just were odd. It's like ordering a ham & swiss on rye at the deli and getting whole wheat bread instead. It's still good, but just not *quite* what you were expecting for that first bite. My increase was a little bit short due to "budget issues and expected job reclassification" and one of my review areas was "successful, but with a few negative comments." Hey, you try to keep 5 project teams happy at the same time when they are sharing a production environment!

Ah well....there's always next year....


Saturday by the numbers...

Saturday was incredibly busy. How busy you ask? Here's a quick "numeric" summary....

Hours out of the house: 10
House showings: 5
Furniture stores visited: 7
Stops at McDonald's for sustenance: 2
Dining room chairs ordered: 6
Dining room tables ordered: 1 (don't really need more than that...LOL)
Bedroom sets ordered: 0
Bedroom sets still being considered: 2

Yes, we did find a dining room set that we *both* liked. Ordered the table and 6 chairs as they gave us the sale price from December (and without really asking...lol). There is also a matching buffet-cabinet thing and another bar/chair set that DH wants to add later. Table is iron and "fruitwood" - really quite cool.

The bedroom furniture is another story. We want cherry. DH insists on "solid" construction (not surprising - hey, we aren't small people!) and my inner-pickiness has come out as we visited store after store. Still 2 under consideration...we'll see.

Stitching-wise - I finished the first installment of Victoria Sampler's Butterfly Lace Cyberclass. It's my first online stitching class and kind of fun, I must admit. I love Thea's designs, so not a *real* stretch to think I wouldn't like this as well.

Also finished another 10 hours on Teresa Wentzler's Dragon Ride: link here. Yes, the border has some rather significant changes (Needle Necessities Coronation and Fool's Gold). I stitched the tail during this round.

Last, I started a Bent Creek Snapper (January) from my Secret Stitcher tonight. Shouldn't take long to work up :)

Monday's plans: Packing. (Notice the lack of a "boxes packed" statistic up top...should have one of those Monday evening as I'm off for MLK day).

Less than two weeks until the big move! ACK!


One would think....

...that when uncertainty is rampant in one's life, any opportunity for order and method would be welcome, yes?

Uncertainty is running rampant for me. New boss at work makes the immediate future rather unknown. Old boss and I made some fairly significant plans for my "career development" that I'm not exactly confident will be followed thru. I'm hoping to know more next week, but until then a fog is covering my career crystal ball.

While my imminent move is getting closer, details are *still* clouded. We have an "estimated" moving date. We have no definite buyer for our current house (we lowered the price a bit yesterday - hopefully that will stir some interest). It's tough to compete with all the new window-filled home developments with our 25-yr-old established neighborhood. If this was summertime they might understand that all those windows mean a higher electric bill (not a small consideration here in the Arizona desert) but as we're in the cool winter all they see is a lack of "light" in the house! (Not true...we have plenty of light!) We have a few major purchases still to work out...new bed... new dining room table...I hate furniture shopping. My husband and I have champagne tastes on a sparkling wine budget....

So for all of this uncertainty one would think I'd be clinging firmly to my well-ordered rotation. Such is not the case. While I am making good progress on Storyteller (that entry on the left is a link even if it doesn't look like one), there are a few other projects whispering seductively in my ear. I received a generous gift from my Secret Stitcher and I'd like to stitch an item or two (they're small). My Silver Lining pieces are crooning from their bags. A new quilt square was released today by Chatelaine and the colors are so soft and lovely. The regal Autumn Queen is practically demanding additional time (which she'll get at least on the 25th during the Mira SAL day).

My resolve is weakening....

My goals are not in jeopardy, however. I have no desire to start a *big* piece, just work on what I have already going and finish a few smaller items. Storyteller is moving along quite nicely and I see no reason why that won't continue at his current rate.

So I suppose I'll finish off this 10 hour Dragon Ride block and put away the stopwatch for awhile. At least until after we move and I have some time to "settle." By then it'll be getting close to my first stitching trip of the year (Myrtle Beach, SC retreat at the end of February) and that always gets the needle flying.....

Forgive me BlogSpeak....

I've gone to a new comment provider.

I grieve for my lost comments - especially as I didn't get to read the last couple!


Just when you thought it was safe....

..it appears that the comments have gone belly-up again.

Only this time, it's not *me* not reading directions, it's the service provider! I'll give it a few days and if service has not been restored, I suppose I'll be off searching for a new provider. I *must* have comments! Until then, email 'em to me, will ya? Email Annette!

While I'm here - how about something more interesting to read about than my woeful lack of communication....

Let's see. Let's start with some Reading news. I need to update the "Currently Reading" item as "Cutwork" by Monica Ferris arrived from Amazon over the weekend and I was simply *forced* to crack it open. Not bad, the usual annoying needlework mistake (scissors are "Dovos" not "Davos") but storyline is bouncy and moves along. Nice fun read.

Stitching news - a bit more involved. I'm halfway thru a 10-hr block of Dragon Ride, working busily to give him a tail (I'm afraid the dragon and rider do not have names....ideas anyone?). However, I'm missing a color for one of the blends - so I've got holes dotted down his tail in want of a 3807/3810 blend. I cannot for the life of me find any 3807 in my floss boxes. I've checked a few "likely" WIP candidates to now avail. Looks like a stop at Joann's tonight or tomorrow as I can't leave him with a holey tail!

I came this||close to finishing the right border on Storyteller Sunday but time ran out with 4 knots left to backstitch. (Hmm..I need to add a link to the current focus piece scan over there....ok...when I'm done here...). Next turn will finish the right border, including the corner and start on the lower border. It's going so well, I hate to quit and go back to the good parts in the middle!

The big news this week is a bevy of stash LOL. Yesterday the postman was cursing, I'm sure, as he brought 2 boxes and 2 envelopes. My Secret Sister provided several small cuts of fabric from Silkweaver, 2 large mesh bags, 3 cards of needles and 5 Bent Creek Snappers.

The other box came from a dear BB'er helping a closed LNS "liquidate" her remaining stock. A 12 x 12 x 8 box arrived stuffed with small kits (Mill Hill to Heart-in-Hand), gadgets (stitch blade, scissors, magnifier), bellpull hardware and just an amazing assortment of "stuff!" Even a Hinzeit kit (Jack o' Lantern - with box) made it in! My stash overfloweth...must find time to stitch more!

Not tonight I'm afraid - last week of Strategic Management class! Only 4 classes left to go! A mere 24 weeks and I'm DONE with my MBA!


The house is quiet....

I'm all alone this evening.

This is a very rare occurrence.

I'm rather enjoying being home with only the dogs for company!

Where's the family, you ask? Well, DD is off to a church retreat and won't be back until Sunday evening. She left before I even got home tonight... :(

DH and DS are off to my parents, delivering Mom's computer as it needed a "tuneup" this week after spontaneously restarting a few times (power supply issues). So they're off and I'm here all by my lonesome....

This has been a horrendous week. The only *bad* thing is that I have a new boss as of Monday. The old one has been reassigned to the current black-hole-IT-project (can anyone spell E-R-P? I knew ya could...) so we've been given an "Acting Manager" that just happens to be one of the DBA's in our group. No experience. Not the warmest relationships with other group members. Ah well. I sincerely wish him well and hope we help him grow to be a darn good manager.

I haven't been sleeping worth a *&^% this week. Not sure why. Of course I haven't been reading much (though I did finish Judgment in Death finally) and my stitching has been all of 2 hours since the Quilt Square finish. Hmmm...could it be related?

Much activity on the book acquisition front, though! DH has started re-reading the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series (I'm behind, still haven't read Winter's Heart) and our paperbacks of the first 6 books were starting to fall apart (considering that I don't even *crack the spines* on my paperbacks, this is very surprising). A trip to Borders netted him the first two and he ordered the remaining 4 on Amazon. It'll be like reading them for the very first time! I love the feel of a good heavy hardback (and these babies are indeed heavy!). I also picked up The DaVinci Code on an impromptu Barnes & Noble trip, so as usual I've got waaaay more books to read than I have time! LOL

Stash-wise I haven't been slouching either. Stitching Bits & Bobs (link left) has Mirabilia and Silver Lining on sale, so of course I had to get just a couple. Prima Ballerina and the new Poinsettia (The Most Wonderful Reds of the Year) from SL are on the way along with Crescent Dreams and Garden Verses from Mirabilia. There are a couple babies on the horizon this year (one at work and a couple more expected this year) and CD is my favorite baby-themed pattern. Additionally I've signed up for Chatelaine's Mini-E (no, I've still not signed up for Taj Mahal - I'm strong, I tell ya!) and requested a "surprise box" from an online friends' LNS going-out-of-business stash.

No more stash until February, though - really - I mean it.

Meanwhile, I think I'll take advantage of the quiet and put a few hours in on Storyteller :) I should have a new pic up this weekend....


They're back!

Amazing what happens when you follow directions....


I've lost my comments! Ack!

Otherwise I think I'm looking pretty good :)

..a bit of refurbishing

Yes, like many of you, I've discovered the Blogskins website! Next test is if I can actually implement the skin I've fallen for....

Stay tuned....


First Finish of 2004

This evening I put the final beads on the first square from Chatelaine's Mystery Quilt (A)

Only took about 12 hours and it's much lovelier in person than on the picture!

Next up: another 10 hours on Storyteller...but not until Wednesday as I have to go back to school tomorrow night :(


Back to the grind tomorrow..

I must say that this 4 day weekend was *so* much more relaxing than the previous one! There was just too much going on for a real rejuvenating few days.

Stitching-wise, I've done pretty well. I finished off the first part of Chatelaine's Mystery VI in a mere 13.5 hours (compared to well over 20 for Mystery IV!), finished the first 10 hour stint on my focus piece, Storyteller and started the first square of Chatelaine's Quilt Mystery. Depending on how the day goes, I may actually finish it today...we'll see. Nothing on the immediate horizon but movies and stitching, but as we all know...best laid plans....

I wasn't nearly as prolific with my reading. I'm still plugging away on Judgment in Death (JD Robb) and I did start The Murder of Tutankhamen by Bob Brier (a Christmas gift). Most everything else has been packed, so I suppose I'm trying to get these to last a bit longer than usual.

The house has also had 2 showings in the last 3 days. As much as I want the sale done, the calls of "Can we show your house in 30 minutes?" is getting rather old.... Thankfully we got over an hour's notice on both days and we were planning to be out anyway.

So tomorrow it's back to work and Tuesday back to school. I will say that my plate is considerably less crowded, though and for that I am truly grateful!