Moving Tip #72

"It's OK to curse at heavy furniture."

*Spotted on a Budget Rental truck on the way to work this morning*


Another week gone...

I simply cannot believe how time is flying this year!

A week from today I'll be in Myrtle Beach, SC.
3 weeks after that I'll be in Washington, D.C. for work
2 months after that is my first CATS trip for the year to Santa Clara

I know May will be here before I know it!

Still working on the house transactions. The sale requires only some last minute cleaning scheduled for this weekend and the purchase has a few paperwork items to clear up. All winding slowly to a finish.

The mailman (or was it the UPS man?) brought me a much anticipated book today: Laurell Hamilton's Seduced by Moonlight. I've already packed it for my trip :D I also have Dragon Dreams Strength Virtue ready for plane stitching and am bringing along the Chatelaine Quilt Mystery (I finished square #2 last night...watch for a picture this weekend). It's tempting to take more, but seeing that I'm going for classes with some wonderful designers, somehow I think I'll be working on class projects rather than my own WIPs.

The TWBB has been hopping with activity, but the most recent discussions have remained fairly well-focused. Let's hope we survive this political year with relatively little turmoil! LOL Healthy interactive discussion is good...but we can be an opinionated bunch that tend to type before we read ;)


Where did the week go?

I simply cannot believe it's been six days since I posted anything here! Where has the week gone? Of course it's even worse as I *know* on two days this week on the drive in I came up with wonderful blog topics that never made it out of the brain and onto a keyboard near you.

And of course, they are long gone to the dust bin in my brain...LOL

It has been a hectic week - school as usual, working at home on clearing boxes and organizing and Kylie's first band concert at her new school (she did fine, but whereas at the old school we could leave when her section was complete, this one she's required to stay until the end. Makes for a significantly longer evening.)

I did finish one book - Jim Butcher's Summer Knight. Started Eragon by Christopher Paolini as it was the most interesting thing in the one book box I was able to locate in the garage.

I did stitch a bit. Finished a small piece that will remain a secret for a couple more weeks ;) Close to finishing Chatelaine's Quilt A second square and the third square will be started directly afterward.

I'm in absolute screaming mode with my stitching. I'm ignoring the guilt-inspiring whispers from Storyteller and simply working on small things. The house sale(s) are moving along, but still a lot to do before it's all over on February 26th. Thankfully that's the day I wing my way to Myrtle Beach for a stitching retreat with Teresa Wentzler (TW Designworks), Jennifer Aiken-Smith (Dragon Dreams) & Karen Weaver (Black Swan) along with a *host* of other online friends. I desperately need the vacation! LOL

Also looking forward to March 1st for Chatelaine's Taj Mahal design. I'd ordered the silks back in December (when I had money...LOL) and this week received a fabric gift perfect for the piece (Silkweaver's Lemon Zest). My sincerest thanks to my benefactor...you know who you are ;)

Here's to a calmer week ahead!


The Final Pill

Tonight is a small milestone in my life.

I'll be taking the final pill in a six-month prescription.....

It took a little over six months to actually take all the pills due to forgetting them during a vacation last October, but the day has finally arrived when I can take the last one at 7:00 this evening and be free of this obligation!

It started back in August. I was briefly hospitalized due to a blood clot in my leg. The doctor placed me on blood thinners for six months. If I did not have a recurrence, I could stop taking them after six months....

I have not had a recurrence. I will stop taking them!

I can eat broccoli! I can eat spinach! (both natural blood thinners and dangerous to anyone on medication)

I can take Ibuprofen! I can take Advil! (again, not a good mix with prescription thinners)

I am busted down to a baby aspirin a day and while I certainly pray that I will never go thru this again, it's probably only a matter of 3-5 years before I'll end up back in the hospital for another clot (this was my third and the most serious).

See, they still can't say what's causing them.....

Then there will be no last pill - I'll be on the medication for the rest of my life.....


....and we're back!

Well, what a difference a week makes!

I'm coming to you *live* from my new office space in the new house. No more watching TV or even peeking into the kitchen while at the computer! DH have our own office to house our desks and computer stuff and books and just whatever else we need in here :)

Kids have successfully started their new schools. Zacha has gone to afternoon kindergarten forcing a rather dramatic change in his and DH's schedule! They both can sleep a little later in the morning ;)

Kylie's school is over twice the size of her old school. She did have to change one class as it isn't offered at the new school and she's not happy with that. I have a hard time relating to a child that *likes* to do gymnastics - PE was always my most hated class!

Otherwise the garage looks like a box bomb went off and there are still items left in the old house. But the sale is progressing relatively smoothly and we have until February 26th to get it all cleaned out. I think we can handle it.....

Personally, I can feel the load lightening as this major event is now behind us. Even work is easing up a bit.....soon I'll be able to get back to my stitching. I've snuck in a few hours this week but I'm nowhere near my usual amount and won't be for at least a few more days.

One thing I've learned in this move of a mere 7 miles. I've got too much stuff! But if you asked me what I would part with, I'd have a very very hard time coming up with any significant amount.... While I usually pride myself on my familial devotion and well-ordered priorities, so many of my memories are grounded in all this stuff around me I'd have a very hard time parting with any of it.

Ah well....since I won't be moving again, I guess it really doesn't matter!