And now...the Friday Five

(And it appears my ezboard access is straightened out....I'll make those changes directly, Jen!)

1) Of everything in your wardrobe what do you feel the most comfortable wearing? Why?

Big roomy t-shirts! I have 3 that seem to be washed at least twice/week: a white West Coast Chopper shirt signed by Jesse James, a Peninsula Harley-Davidson shirt with a cool dragon on the front (bought in Santa Clara at 2003 CATS), and a nightshirt covered in a print of lingerie items.

2) How would you describe your style?

Casual. Very Casual.

3) How many pairs of shoes do you own and do you wear them all?

I own 6 pairs of shoes (I know, a disgrace to my mother, the shoe-collector with 80+ pairs) and yes, I wear them all over the course of a month ;)

4) Where do you buy most of your clothes?

JCPenney or Mervyn's for things like jeans and casual shirts/polos.

5) What was the last piece of clothing you bought?

Hmm......that would be 3 cotton shirts with "tropical" themes and bright colors. Perfect for summer wear in the office.

Working off The List*

I've scratched a couple things off my "do" list this week...

Item #1 - Followup on job interview

Finally heard back yesterday that I was not selected for the supervisor position I interviewed for.  The odd thing though was that neither were the other two candidates.  "We've decided to take this position in a new direction" was the official communication from Staffing.  And I am not considered flexible?  I don't get a chance at that "new" direction?  Ah well, short-sighted on their part, but all in all probably a good thing.  Longer drive, more stress for no more money?  Sheesh!  What was I thinking?

Item #2 - Get new Digital Camera

My brand spanking new Sony DSCW-1 arrived in the big brown truck yesterday and I must say I made an *excellent* selection.  The 2.5" LCD screen is awesome and the whole camera can easily be tucked in almost any size purse, if not a roomy pocket.  Batteries charged last night and I did manage a quick test pic of the dog before bed ("Smile Carmella!").  It even *sounds* more like a camera with a shutter "shush" when a picture is snapped rather than a tinny beep!  I'll catch up on some Finish pics this weekend and evaluate the ease of getting them off the camera and on the web.  I have some hope here...the reviews I read said I didn't need special software and that XP recognizes the camera simply as another drive...big thumbs up for Sony!

Item #3 - Open Ezboard Help Ticket

As of this morning I cannot view the TWBB or the Rotation BB (coincidental, but I really don't think the Russian spammers are taking revenge).  I can view/post to the new JPC, but no admin functions are available.  My other hangouts (Chatelaine and Mirabilia) are also MIA for me.

Thankfully, though, according to posts on JPC, I'm not alone in my troubles.  Isn't that the way of technology?  Fix one thing (custom title bug) and blow up something *much* bigger? LOL

Item #4 - The Friday Five

Can't mark this one yet for this week....they are woefully behind!

*truthfully, there is no physical list.  These are just things in my head that I need to do in a semi-timely manner before I have the dramatic realization "Oh, Sh*t!  I forgot to...."  Ok, maybe a physical list wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.....


I hate spam....

"Spam, spam, spam, ....." with apologies to Monty Python
I hate spam...the meat product, the unsolicited emails and the random postings on my bulletin boards!

Ok, so only one of the boards is actually *mine* but I'm responsible for a few more....

The TWBB and the Rotation Board both got hit with spammers today.  Usually I just delete, give about two seconds to wondering if these people don't have some semblance of a life and move on.  However, as this seems to be a concerted attack across multiple boards this week, I've elected to report it to ezboard.

One would think, that if one was going to post such....crap....on a wide variety of boards, one might try to either make the subjects catchier than "make her happy" or "anoun" and include in the body of the post something a bit more descriptive than a link.  After all, the goal is to draw unsuspecting folks in, right?  I could *easily* be more creative than these folks.  Why don't they borrow from their email-spam buddies for some more interesting posts?  In today's mailbox there was plenty of inspiration:

"Free prescription drugs!"
"Hot mamas and their young men!"
"UPS Shipped Drugs!  No Prescription!"

Ok...might still not hide their intent especially on a stitching board.  How about this?

"Free floss!"
"Hot charts and fabrics!"
"More stitching time!  Guaranteed!"

For those, I *just* might click thru!


Question of the Week....and a productive weekend

Again this week, let's start with the question:

What are your favourite cross stitching websites and why?

Well, that depends.  If I'm looking to augment my general stash, I have to visit:

Needlecraft Corner - Drema is awesome!
European Cross Stitch - *the* source for Chatelaine Designs
Paw Prints Cross Stitch - Diana is da bomb!
Stitching Bits and Bobs - Bobbie gets business from me as well!

Fabric, on the other hand, is usually found at one of these shops:

Silkweaver - Excellent source for general fabrics and some lovely dyed fabrics
Sugar Maple Fabrics - Mindy has some beautiful colors is a gem at customer service
Countrystitch - The "down under" dyer with more amazing colors
Picture this Plus - The online pictures don't do these gorgeous pieces justice!

If I just want to talk about stitching, I've got plenty of places to do that:

Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board - the board that started it all
Rotation Board - my board that is about far more than stitching rotations
Mirabilia Board - Stacey has done a marvelous job here
Chatelaine Board - Dana's a wonder to keep up with Martina!
Needle and Thread - Rani's general board is great for other designers

Enough to click thru?  I hope you find a few more online places to visit with my favorites here.  Of course there are more...designer sites, stitcher albums, and just all the peripheral info, but I'll save that for another day.

Ok, time for a weekend update.  I was productive, that's for sure!

Finished the baby afghan....
Finished-finished "Bless the Baby" for the same baby as the afghan...
Finished current ornament RR...
Half-finished Mini-E (got the backing on and bellpull hardware in but still need a hanger)
Finished Dan Brown's Angels & Demons (excellent book!)

...and I ordered a new digital camera, so I'll be posting pics again soon :)


Musical Friday Five....

I just love the The Friday Five!

Friday Five: 7/23/04

1) who was your favorite band/musician when you were younger?

This could cover *ahem* a few decades.   The first record albums I recall owning were from the Osmonds and The Partridge Family (I told you we were going waaay back).  However, in high school REO Speedwagon and Journey definitely held the top spot.

2) why?

I suppose for the Osmonds and Partridge Family - eye candy was a big factor.  Didn't hurt that they sounded ok and all my friends were just as taken with them as I was!

The REO/Journey years were more musical favorites.  I love a good ballad but also enjoy fun music that I can sing along too.  With these guys you can understand the lyrics!

Ok, maybe a little eye candy.  I did say for a long time that if Steve Perry showed up on my door step I was absolutely going with him....LOL.

3) are they still your favorite/one of your favorites?

Yes.  REO's "Ballads" and Journey's "Greatest Hits Live" are both resident on my Sony Mini-Disc player main disc

4) what is your favorite of their songs?

REO - "In My Dreams"
Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'"

5) are there any specific lyrics you hold dear?

REO - In My Dreams chorus:

and we climb and climb
and at the top we fly
and when the world go on below us we are lost in time
and i don't know really what it means
all i know is that you love me
in my dreams

**No news on the job yet, I'll let you know as soon as I do!


Wednesday already?

As I took a few minutes this afternoon to do my daily "blog" cruise I noticed that I wasn't seeing a "new entry" indicator for my own blog on others' sites.

That's when I realized I hadn't *made* an entry for a couple days

It's been a busy few days.  As usual when my mother decides to go out of town (she's enjoying San Francisco with her husband), all kinds of hubbub goes on in my personal life.  And I'm not talking about anything online related...this is *always* work/health/kid stuff.

I'll never forget when I was pregnant with DS - Mom went out of town about a month before my due date and *forbid* me to go anywhere near a hospital while she was gone.  Unfortunately I had to break that one....not for me but for my DH that collapsed from heat exhaustion (it was July.  115+).  After some fluids, he was fine and free to go.....

We have a double dose of trouble this vacation.  First, a job interview on Monday for a potential promotion at work.  I admit, I did submit my resume for the job *last* week but truthfully didn't think I had much of a shot.  Turns out I'm one of only three people interviewed with significantly more having submitted for the post.  We'll see....keep your fingers crossed for me!

Today we got the "health" twist.  I've had a series of doctor appointments this year for "female" issues.  Last week this included the second "pelvic ultrasound" to check out the...ummm...parts.  I was hoping for a clean bill of health but no, not to be.  Not only do I have to endure a third ultrasound six weeks from now, but they also found something else that requires more significant testing....as in biopsy. 

Mom...you can come home now.  I'm done.


A StRIP Club Report and the Question of the Week

The question is shorter, so let's start with that.
Would you consider yourself  *addicted to stitching*? Why or why not?
No, I don't consider myself addicted to stitching.  It *is* one of the few activities that when indulged in regularly help me maintain a calm and even-tempered demeaner, but it certainly isn't the only one.  Reading and puttering in the kitchen have the same results though I can't hang anything on the wall as a reminder ;)
StRIP Club Report
Earlier this year on the Rotation Board we started a StRIP Club - "Stash Reduction Implementation Plan" with one of the goals being fewer WIPs on January 1, 2005 than you had on January 1, 2004.  (This from Heather aka hankj99, the club founder)
Wayyyy back in April (seems so long ago) I made a comprehensive WIP list.  Scroll down to the April 22 entry .  I had identified a few items that were "fast finish" candidates - here's the update:
  • JustNan's Witch Way  - finished this weekend
  • March VS Needleroll  - finished
  • Snowman Bag - still needs 10 hours
  • Textile Heritage Bookmark - finished and bookmarkified!
  • Apple Cloisonne Ornament - haven't even looked at it
  • Chatelaine Mini Mandala #3 - finished and at the framers!
  • TW's Castles by the Sea - a few more hours done
  • Chatelaine Mini Mystery E - finished, but not on the hanger yet

Since then I've also started & finished 2 versions of Lizzie*Kate's Bless the Baby, Enchanting Lair's "Two Hearts Unite" and one ornament (from the Ornament RR).

Nine finishes in 3 months...I'll take it.

Based on the original lists, this would put me at 32 projects, including the 2 Round Robins.  In actuality, though, it's more like 36 as I've had 4 new starts since [hangs head in shame].    Martha Schmidt's Sampler of Unpublished Insertion Stitches II, Mirabilia's Emerald Mermaid, Mini-Mystery F and Lynne Nicoletti's Neptune/Poseidon.   In my own defense, none were done lightly.  The Martha Schmidt piece was started after her untimely fatal accident.  Emerald Mermaid was a graduation gift.  Neptune/Poseidon showed up on my doorstep as a gift direct from Lynne Nicoletti (and I'm *still* in awe over that one). 

And I still am waiting on a model to arrive...it's due by the end of the month to me and by October 1 back to the designer.  Until I get that in hand and can get an idea of the time commitment, I'm hesitant to do more than keep up with my round robins (started the current ornament last night and will do the Beastie next weekend) and chip away at some of my larger projects.

So...overall, I'm happy with my StRIP progress but I know I need to get more done before the end of the year!


Friday Five for July 16, 2004

Great subject today! 
1. What color ink pen do you like best?
Black!  A super fine black pen is the very best for me everyday!  I also love a nice fountain pen (have two) for letter writing.
But I do love color-coordinated notes in my schedule book.  Black for work, Purple for personal, etc...and don't even ask how many highlighters I have in different colors.

2. Do you prefer plain paper or paper with lines (notebook paper)?
With lines (my writing tends to go uphill without them), but a legal pad rather than notebook paper.

3. What's better: books from the library, or reading online?

Nothing like the weight of a good book in your hands...regardless of the source.
4. Which would you rather get, e-mail or snail mail?

Hmmm...good question.  I love chatty emails and the "instant" communication they offer.  But taking the time for a "real" letter or better yet, adding something extra into the envelope can't be beat!
5. Do you have a paper weight on your desk?

Nothing specific for that purpose...it's usually whatever I've been working on :)


Terry's Love Slave

Get your mind outta da gutter...there's a stitching-related story here.

I realized tonight that I hadn't really posted this story anywhere and it's certainly a good one! So in light of all the recent hubbub in my life, I'm returning to a few months ago and this *very* funny episode.

Last September, I traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the first time. The destination? The CATS Stitching Festival held annually in Hershey. One of my resolutions for 2003 was to meet Teresa Wentzler, and that show was the best place to do it.

But she's not part of this story...

My buddy, Erin, and I made plans to meet up in Hershey and have a grand time visiting and shopping with other members of the TWBB and some of the regular folks we see at these events. You know, people like Laura from Enchanting Lair, Letha from Fantasy Crafts, Carmen from Columbine Designs, Sandra from Needle & Frame and Terry Nolan of Dimples Designs (I know I'm missing some...forgive me). After attending *multiple* CATS shows, these folks never seem to be surprised when I show up in their booth! And they *all* are happy when I'm in a shopping mood...

So we enjoy the show and on the final day, we plan to go to dinner with my parents (yes, Mom was there as usual and her husband made the trip) and another BB'er, Heather, before dropping Heather at the Harrisburg Airport for her journey home.

Now, after the show, there's always a lot of work to help break down the booths. Terry was sharing a booth with Maureen Appleton and let me tell you, there were a *lot* of beautiful models in that booth. Erin and I offered to help break down and pack Terry's stuff, and of course, Maureen's as well. To get back in after the show, the booth owners have to leave the helpers' names at the registration desk. Since we weren't going to be back until about an hour or so after close, it was rather important that Terry do this so we could get back in.

About the time the shopping area closed, Erin and I are waiting in the lobby of the Lodge with Heather for my parents so we can head off to dinner. A couple other BB'ers are there with us and we're chatting...showing off purchases...etc when here comes Letha from the shopping mall on her way to her room to change before tear down.

She sees Erin and I. She stops and breaks into a wide grin.

Seems that when Mr. Nolan left our names at the registration desk for readmittance, Letha was there. She asked him how he was so special to get our help (in jest...Letha had plenty of helpers) and his response:

"They're my love slaves."

Now, for those of you that may not know Terry, Erin and I are not his...ummm..."type." It isn't that we're both married...or on the "fluffy" side (me way more than Erin!) it's that we're FEMALE. Given this, you can just imagine, Letha's absolute *glee* to share our new title with us. It made for howls of laughter and curious glances from passing guests!

Of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get back at Terry. When we did come back after our dinner/airport run, we walked in to the mart area (without so much as a glance from anyone..so much for leaving names!) and headed to the area of Terry and Maureen's booth.

"Love Slaves reporting for duty"

I've never seen a man's face go pale and then red so quickly! He RAN to the general area of Letha's booth and you could hear the laughs echoing thru the entire area. It was absolutely priceless!

He still owes me for that one....and I'll be stitching up a "TN Love Slave" badge prior to Hershey this year. He didn't make the Santa Clara show, but I'll be ready for him in Hershey in October ;)

Stitchers Question of the Week

*Blogger and I are having "issues" today...I hope this finally goes thru!*

Yeah, I'm behind...sue me! It's been a week already and it's only half-way thru! LOL

How do you choose a project? What “calls” to you the most?

Good question....I suppose it's a combination of factors: Style, color, composition are huge factors. In order to actually get a project *started* rather than living comfortably in my stash it takes all those things plus any "connections" to the project. The stronger the connections the more I'm likely to work on the project....

This is the reason that "gifts" get special status in my rotation. Not all get started immediately...but I definitely feel the urge! I'll review my project list...see where I'm at with my "whittling" down goal this year (not doing too bad, I must say) and my "make progress on large WIPs" goal (ok, I admit...I'm failing miserably here).

So, "calling" is only half the battle...getting it "started" is a whole new skirmish!


And A New Chapter Begins....

I knew it was coming.

I told DH on Sunday that after the flurry of email over the weekend, I fully expected Teresa to either remove JPC or simply shut down the board all-together.

I'm glad it was something in between....I have put my heart and soul into the TWBB for the last 10 months I've been a co-administrator. I've been a member for almost 4 years and I knew from the start I'd found an online "home" to discuss my hobby and find friends that shared my love of Teresa's designs and stitching in general.

I'm proud to say Teresa has become a dear friend and her name and reputation are easily my first priority on the board. Keeping it running smoothly and a credit to her and her company in some ways has been far easier than expected, and in other ways more difficult.

Easier as many, many members share that vision and want only to keep her mind *off* the board and on her designing! More difficult as many don't realize how personal she takes things....especially any negative or controversial discussions.

So as of August 1st, my job as co-admin will be a tad easier. Still no walk in the park trying to keep thousands of members somewhat "content" with guidelines, content, and overall "mood" of the board. But I somehow doubt we'll be debating the merits of cotton and silk floss with the same fervor as presidential candidates ;)

The board is what the members make it. I have no doubt the BB will continue in its new form for years, continuing to grow and attract new members. I'm hoping some of the "lurkers" will feel more comfortable to post about their stitching joys, despairs and questions. I see you up in that "Who's Online" box! Please come down and join in the conversation...you really do have something interesting to add to the community. After all, everyone was at Post #1 at one point :)

So here's to the new chapter getting ready to open on August 1. Oh and if you want to chatter about other topics...visit the new board created today just for that purpose...Just Plain Chat. I'll see you there....


An Online Equation

One of my husband's favorite sayings recently:

nice person + anonymity + audience = idiot

Ok, I admit, his "result" is a bit stronger than mine, but I have a hard time cussing in real life, so why should typing be any different? I think you know what I mean!

I seem to be running into this a lot lately. Not all of it is in public....much is going on "behind the scenes" so to speak on the TWBB. Which, one would think, would take the "anonymity" portion out of the equation, but I suppose email is just as anonymous as posting online.

All in all, we have done fairly well lately on the "controversial" discussions. If you want to see some knock-down-drag-out fights, head over to the technical board my husband frequents (and the source of the above equation). You think politics and religion get heated? It's *nothing* compared to a bunch of geeks arguing technology!

Still, though, there are always going to be folks that feel *so* strongly and are *so* dedicated to their convictions that these discussions will eventually sink beyond a reasonably mature exchange. Opinions are just like that....and everyone has their own to express.

Additionally, the online stitching community is really not that big. If you take a stand somewhere, it's fairly likely it'll make it around somewhere else. *Especially* if it's overtly negative and directed at an individual. That person *will* find out. And I can pretty much guarantee it won't be pretty when they do. And the ripples from that single post...well...they will spread wide and catch up many others...

As a final note, before you start inserting names into that equation...I'll say right now, I don't think it applies to me, for the most part.

Yes, I consider myself a "nice person." I do have "human" days, and there's an email or two floating out there that I'm not proud of, but for the most part, yes, I'm a nice person...(if you disagree I'd love to know why!)

The "anonymity" factor is missing. I use the same name/handle/id wherever I go. If it's Annette414, most likely it's me. Hard to maintain a facade of anonymity that way....

As for the "audience" - there are definitely days I doubt this blog is being read, let alone *any* post on *any* BB I frequent!

So if you put me in the equation, I personally don't think it balances out ;) For right now at least....


Does your stitching talk to you?

I seem to recall a couple years ago (ok, more like three...) I posted on the TWBB that I was a "Rotation Failure." I had crafted what I thought was a well-thought-out attempt to keep all my current projects happy and moving forward.

At the time that was 12 projects. (I *wish* I was still at that number!)

I failed miserably. When it was time to switch to a new project, the one I was working on whispered at me to just do one more color...one more section...and all the others that weren't due up next tried to entice me to pick *them* rather than the one on the list.

During the course of the thread I learned that not only was it completely normal for my projects to talk to *me*, others had the same experience! Thus the term "screaming rotation" was born - work on whatever yells loudest.

Of course, this practice allowed me to work on those projects as well as hear as-yet-unstarted projects whimper from the stash pile. The project pile grew...and grew.

Now, I did finish a few things. Legends of the Dragons, Tea Scene, Winter Queen and a couple other projects were on that list...and they proudly hang in my home, smug in their completed glory. But Stroke of Midnight is still languishing in the WIP pile....she's a lady and just doesn't whine as loud as some others ;)

Currently I am totally captivated with Mirabilia's Emerald Mermaid. I knew she was going to be a demanding wench, so not only did I put off starting her for a month after receiving the kit as a gift, I started at the very end of her tail....no face, no mouth, less whispering. Or so I thought. I gave in during my Vegas trip and stitched a few leaves (center start) in the hotel. After I got home, though, and put those first few stitches in her tail, well, she's been on me to do more, more, more ever since!

I still have some measure of sanity, though. I showed her that *I* am in control of my stitching time and put her aside on Saturday night to work on the first part of Mini Mystery-F (Chatelaine). But once I put the final beads in on Sunday morning, I was back to green and filling in more of her tail fin that afternoon

She's looking wonderful on the DaVinci Picture this Plus linen - the green is striking against the purple of the fabric. So not only do I hear a demanding voice - it's got a touch of arrogance given that she knows she's coming out beautifully. Heck, she's even claimed a wall in the house already....one that, not surprisingly, is wide enough for *one* design to hang. No sharing of space for this mermaid!

We'll see how she does when I have to put her down in a few days to stitch on an RR.....as for tonight (with the start of a new season of The Amazing Race) I'll be stitching a few more leaves, I think...


Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

The Stitcher's Five has been given a new life with a simple "Question of the Week" format....here we go!

Which project (finished or in progress) are you most proud of? Explain why.

First to mind - TW's Egyptian Sampler. I started it as soon as the kit reached me and took a year or so to finish it (always other projects in the works, of course). I knew exactly how I wanted the matting/framing done and it came out spectacular. I used it as a "visual aide" for my final MBA presentation (my last project was on TW Designworks) and the comments from the class were wonderful. Many couldn't believe that not only had I invested the time, but the amount of time it took. Such is the interaction with non-stitchers ;)

However, I'm also thinking that Emie Bishop's Warm Christmas Wishes fits the bill as well. It was my first foray into hardanger and I had the opportunity to show it off to Ms. Bishop when she visited my LNS. She was amazed that it was my first hardanger and very complimentary on the results :)


As promised...BIL Update - and an edit for the Friday Five

Surgery was yesterday and went well.

The cancer had not visibly metastasized beyond the colon, so removing it was all that was needed. Lymph nodes will be checked to be absolutely sure...but the doctor is very optimistic.

He is *extremely* lucky! After waiting for over a year with *visible* symptoms, and only a temporary inconvenience (they will be doing a new procedure in a few months that will reduce that further).

Thank you all for your positive vibes! They really do have power....

The Friday Five

For each question, pick one of the options & say why you made your choice. Feel free to waffle between the two choices, or to not choose either.

Waffles? Yeah...I'll take some waffles..a little butter..a little syrup....

1. Would you rather earn more money or have more time off?

More time off!!! I make enough money (shocking, I know) but I would love more time to pursue my non-money-making interests.

2. Which is more important, the ends or the means?

Tough one. In stitching, it's the journey that's important to me, not the finished piece - which serves as a visible reminder of all that went on during the stitching of the piece. So, if we extrapolate that to the rest of my life...the means hold more importance to me than the ends :)

3. How are our personalities formed, by nature or through nurture?

Nature starts them, nurture dictates the path they take.

4. Who do you feel closer to, your mother or your father?

Considering I can't recall the last time I spoke with my father...I guess I'll answer my mother!

5. Why do you answer these silly questions, out of boredom or out of love of introspection?

Habit! LOL


An MBA, an Accident, a Diagnosis and a word on bias....

It's a tossed salad today..what can I say?


Yes, it's official - I'm DONE! I have successfully completed my Masters of Business Administration - Technology Management.

I'm so glad it's over...LOL

An Accident

Tuesday morning, I was "involved" in an accident. I'm fine, car is basically fine, except it now has a "character smudge" on the rubber part of the left rear bumper. Hey, it's a Jeep..these things happen. However the woman in the Blazer behind me got rear-ended by a Mitsubishi Galant with the Mitz getting the worst of the exchange. She was trying to get out of his way by diving into a turning lane to my left when she clipped my bumper. It's a good thing, too....if she hadn't had the chance to get in that lane before the Mitz hit her, my back door would have had FAR more damage!

Blazer owner offered to have my car detailed as I wasn't intending on submitting a claim for damages...nice gesture :)

A Diagnosis

My brother-in-law (husband of DH's sister) has been tentatively diagnosed with colon cancer. A surgical consultation and probably exploratory surgery is the next step. As he's had symptoms for over a year without acting, it's definitely fairly far along. Any good thoughts will be welcome...he's a great guy...


According to Dictionary.com:

bi·as n.

1 - A line going diagonally across the grain of fabric: Cut the cloth on the bias.

2 - a - A preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.
b - An unfair act or policy stemming from prejudice.
3 - A statistical sampling or testing error caused by systematically favoring some outcomes over others.

4 - Sports.
a - A weight or irregularity in a ball that causes it to swerve, as in lawn bowling.
b - The tendency of such a ball to swerve.

5 - The fixed voltage applied to an electrode.

I think we can skip definitions 1, 3, 4 and 5 for this discussion.

Everyone has some sort of bias. Our experiences, beliefs, environment and influences impact every decision we make and how we see the world. I find it unreasonable to expect a group of people to be free of bias in *all* subjects. The more likely situation - a "balanced bias." Meaning that for everyone that has a tendency to hate green vegetables, there's someone else that loves them. At the end of the day, they will be on the menu, in some form or another.

Is bias bad? Not inherently. Is bias good? Same answer. It just *is*. You can ask the same question to 10 people and get the same answer....but the *reasons* for that answer will all be based on personal bias and perception. Does that make some reasoning right and others wrong? No...it makes the answer/decision/judgement personal. And adds another layer of personal experience for the next decision....

..but I still hate green beans ;)