Rebuilding a Wish List

But first, as promised, a picture of the "winning" sock yarn:

Yes, it's the Knitpicks Hydrangea that was the big vote-getter. It was a VERY tight race though, with Hydrangea winning by a single vote. These colors are perfect for Mom and as her birthday is fast approaching (July 10th) I'm hoping to get at least *one* done before then to present to her (shhh..don't tell. I don't *think* she reads this blog...at least she's never commented on it...)

In semi-related news, my recent Knitpicks order arrived yesterday. I have yarn for three more projects (socks for DS, tank for DD and socks for me) and some too-short #6 DPNs (6" ain't gonna work well for starting the Pi Shawl, but they are perfect for socks!).

This means a trip to the LYS on Friday. I know....I know....such torture I am willing to endure. A whole store full of yarn and patterns and tempting bits. I'll fill you in on what leaps into my hands to come home with me ;)

On to the Wish List....

The recent ezMess has destroyed my carefully crafted Wish List for various exchanges and just "things to remember" in general. I'm thinking my current Secret Stitcher and my new Seasonal Exchange partner would appreciate if I'd get my rear in gear and work on it.

Ok, here we go....

Mini Cross Stitch Kits by Lanarte: Elephant Giraffe Zebra Lion
Victoria Sampler: Beyond Cross Stitch Kits Level 6 (1-5), Heirloom Homecoming (Reds)
Dracolair: Red Dragon Bookmark
Bent Creek: Snapperville
Hinzeit: Halloween ABC, Baseball
Shepherd's Bush: Busy Sheep, Oh Say, Little Witch
Pine Mountain: Halloween Foursome, Patriotic Foursome
Milady's Needle: Acorns Rule, Silent Night
Chatelaine: Mini Mandalas 2, Medieval Town Mandala, Sea Quilt, Mini-I-L
Long Dog: Rosemarkie
Stitch'inspirations: Lost in a Blackwork Maze
Primrose Needlework: Get your Ducks in a Row
Jeannette Douglas: My Stitching Treasures

Ok, that's enough....I'll add fabric/theme info in the appropriate posts on ezboard :)


Take the Survey!

To my fellow bloggers....go ahead....click it :)

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


What? Surprised? I *do* finish things occasionally, ya know.

In the last week I've finished five things. Count 'em. Five. I'm on a roll.

First up are the stitching finishes:

I participated in two Ornament Round Robin...uhh..Rounds this year and both are now completely finished. Here are the final two ornaments.

From the "Specialty" RR out of the 2004 JCS Christmas Mag, "Heart of Christmas"

This is the second time I've stitched this (first time when the magazine first came out - DD started and I finished it) and I *still* managed to get one row out of whack. Oh well, personalization.

From the "DMC Only" RR out of the JCS Christmas Mag, "I Saw Three Ships"

This one is on 32-ct fabric and the ships, my initials, crowns and "three ships come sailing in" are all over-1. Looks nice, but I'm glad I'm done!

Finish #3 is a knitting finish. As this was a gift, I was bad and didn't take a pic. So....close your eyes and imagine....well, after I finish the description at least....an 8" square dishcloth in a lovely cotton yarn red/pink/brown/cream variegated....pattern is 8 outlined hearts around the edge....

Well, Margaret liked it! A "thank you" for acting as a personal delivery service after her recent east coast vacation. She brought me two jars of my husband's favorite applesauce (White House - not available in Arizona), beautiful stitch markers from Jenni, my completed Dimples Round Robin (pictures when the squares are assembled) and some gorgeous beads from my Secret Stitcher. (Yes, I gave her other stuff, too, just nothing I recently finished!)

Finish #4 and #5 are of the novel variety.

Ill Wind and Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine. Awesome fantasy! I'll be ordering Chill Factor shortly to continue the story.

I also think I need to revise my recent answer to the "Best New Series" question. The Weather Warden Series is now clearly in the lead for the year. Unlike the Anne Bishop and Nora Roberts series mentioned, these books have both book-length stories as well as an overall "arc" across at least the first three. You can read each one and stop (though doing it in order for character introduction would be a *really* good idea) or continue to find out "what happens next...." They remind me of Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking and the two sequels (The Good, The Bad, and the Undead [started] and newly released Every Which Way but Dead[on the "To Buy" List]) but also of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files (I've read the first six...love them!)

Last night I also cast on the "winning" sock yarn from the recent poll. When I've got enough rows done to look like something, I'll post a picture....


Booking Through Thursday

I had other subject plans today, but time got away from me to do them justice....tomorrow....

Probably most books stand on their own. But a lot of them are part of a series. J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings trilogy comes immediately to mind, as well as Stephen R. Donaldson's Gap series, Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series, and lots more.

Do you read books that are part of a series?

Oh yes. A good epic story is my favorite reading!

Do you collect all the books in the series before starting?

No, usually only the first two or three to make sure I like the series before continuing with it.

What if the series is brand new, and the only book that's been published so far is Book 1?

Then I go thru the agony of waiting for each subsequent book to be released! I started reading David Eddings when the first book of his first series was released, Pawn of Prophecy. It was over 10 years before I got to the end of the story...

As subsequent books in the series are published, do you go back and re-read the preceding books?

Depends on how long its been since I read the last one. I'm re-reading the last two Harry Potter books in preparation for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince next month. However, when a new Laurell Hamilton is released (either Anita Blake or Merry Gentry), I don't usually go back to the previous year's book. There isn't a huge amount of "carryover" between them other than characters.

How many?
Some people are like my uncle, and they read four or five books a week, every week. Some are like my father, and read four or five books in a year.

How many books do you read in a week? Month? Year?

On average, I'd say one-two per week. But I'll have periods where I'm speeding thru and other periods I barely manage two pages a night before falling asleep. In the last three months I've read between five and eight per month. At that pace it'll be 100 for the year. Yikes! No wonder my bookshelves are full....

What's the best book or series of books you've read so far this year?

Re-read: The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. I LOVE this series!
New read: Three Sisters Island Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I think this is my favorite of hers.

What's the worst book you read this year? Did you finish it?

If I don't like a book, I will put it down. Truthfully, I can't remember the last time I did that, but I know I have in the past. Worst book this year? I choose not to answer...not to spare any book's feelings, but because I can't think of one right this moment...


In Search Of...

On an impulse, I checked BlogPatrol yesterday and found enough interesting search critieria in the last four days for a blog post....

21/06/2005 15:26:15 " best gyro""recipe" (Google)

Oh my. I'd like to find one of these myself! However, if you want someone else to do the cooking and you're in downtown Phoenix, visit Crazy Jim's. It just so happens I was there at lunchtime today....Gyro Pita with Fries, yum!

21/06/2005 13:45:01 flouridex toothpaste (Google)

I think I mentioned this a couple years ago in a meme and it's one of the top search criteria for my blog. Sad.

21/06/2005 07:38:11 enchanting lair el 56 mystic (Google)

I'm sure it's the "Enchanting Lair" part of this that hits as I adore Laura and her gorgeous designs (and thus mention her often)

21/06/2005 06:39:13 greek royal family pic (Yahoo)

I have *no* idea how this is a hit. I'm not greek or royal and I know I've never posted a family pic.

20/06/2005 22:01:34 annette's acre (Google)

This one is pretty obvious. If I ever change my website, I'm sure I'll be in trouble.

20/06/2005 14:26:42 poirot lapel pin (Google)

Oooo...I never thought of doing a search to find a replica of Poirot's pin. It's a tiny vase pin, perfect for a tiny flower (either fresh or silk). I might have to try this one myself.

20/06/2005 13:04:08 futurecast inventory planning (Google)

I would imagine this person got several hits of Teresa Wentzler's Futurecast. This would include my own version: Finian

20/06/2005 11:19:34 bad seats for phantom at gammage? (Yahoo)

Oh! Oh! I can answer this one! Other than the very very top (and only because the chandelier *might* block some of the stage view, but that's a guess, I have no evidence), there aren't any.

20/06/2005 05:38:09 body in a fishtank columbo (Google)

That would be the episode titled: Columbo Likes the Nightlife from 2003. The last one made. And for my fellow Columbo fans, Season 3 will be released August 9th!

19/06/2005 21:36:07 egyptian stitching projects (Yahoo)

I have a few of these. Egyptian Sampler (TW) is finished, Egyptian Garden (Chatelaine) is in progress. I also have Mike Vickery and Maria Van Scharrenburg in my stash....

Yes, I love Egyptian stuff ;)

19/06/2005 20:04:33 cinnamon rolls foodtv (Google)

Hmmm....any reason why someone wouldn't search directly on the FoodTV website rather than using Google? Though I suppose a good cinnamon roll recipe could be found anywhere. But then why specify Food TV? And would anyone look for a "bad" recipe?

19/06/2005 10:17:31 fantail guppies (Yahoo)

Yup, we had two of these for quite awhile. Sadly, we lost one in a tragic aquarium plant accident just a couple days ago (no witnesses, unfortunately), so we're down to just one. He looks lonely, though, so I'm thinking we may have to increase the population.

19/06/2005 07:41:28 chatelaine "april 2005" (Google)

I stitched on my Chatelaine stuff in April. I'm sure. Well, I'm fairly sure. Ok, it's a good chance....

18/06/2005 18:13:25 mirabilia "emerald mermaid" floss (Google)

This WIP is making a ruckus out in my WIP pile, so it doesn't surprise me she's got Google roped in to get my attention, too.

Shameless, I tell ya. The things these projects will do to get my attention.

18/06/2005 09:24:02 Annette of the mickey mouse club is she alive?? (Yahoo)

Yes, she is. Being named after her, I tend to keep up with Annette's public life.

18/06/2005 09:07:42 mystra biography (Google)

Who is mystra and why would I have any information on her biography?

18/06/2005 06:30:24 sweetie... /annette (Yahoo)

I know for a *fact* that my spouse is a Google user, so whoever is looking on Yahoo! ain't looking for me!

That's it for today's "In Search Of..." I hope I've provided some useful information....to someone...somewhere....


A New Piece of Fabric

There's nothing like a fresh new piece of fabric, is there? All that potential...it just calls for a few stitches of *something* to set it on its path to finished design....

If you're thinking I received some fabric this weekend, you're correct.

If you're thinking I started a new design this weekend, you're correct on that one, too.

Now, before you start reminding me of the 20+ WIPs I already have...it was an ornament. The final ornament for the JCS2004 RR. And I finished it last night, so it never even counted as a work-in-progress.

Did I take a picture? Of course not. Besides, our internet was done most of the evening, so even if I *did* I couldn't have put it anywhere for you to see. (Darn, I could have said I did take a pic...stupid honesty). I promise to take one this week and post it.

The fabric I received was a fat quarter of platinum Jubilee from that heavenly online vendor, Silkweaver (go ahead, click it. I am *not* responsible for your resulting stash enhancement, though). I have no earthly idea what I'm going to use it for, but it's awfully nice. It's now living comfortably with my other pile of 28-ct fabrics waiting their turn.

I also held off starting my next pair of socks, can you believe it? Given that I already have a second pair in progress it wasn't that difficult. I just worked on those. (Though technically they aren't my *second* pair as they were started before the purple ones....and may not even be the second *finished* pair if I get a hankering to start the next pair.....). I'm making these a bit shorter, so rather than a 7" leg, I've only done a 5" one before starting the heel. These are done with sock yarn weight, so much slower going.

Speaking of yarn, I received the laceweight I won on ebay on Saturday. Color is divine. Thickness is perfect. But the smell....well....not so good. I'm wondering....can I rinse it or handwash with a bit of something to get rid of the smell? I opened the yarn up and it's "airing" in the garage but it doesn't seem to be doing much other than make the rest of the garage smell. It's a dye/wool smell, not smoke or anything really noxious. Suggestions?

I also broke down and bought this pattern for a "vintage" camisole for DD (shh..don't tell her). I ordered Cornflower for the yarn. Isn't it a lovely color? It'll be great for her coloring and perfect for late summer/early fall back to school here. Yes, I know it's wool, but the Merino is soft and light (and I give full credit to Karen for the enabling. That's where I found the link to the pattern). Also ordered appropriately colored sock yarn for DS: Fly Fishing

However, there is stitching that *needs* to be done. I still have the final ornament from the DMC version of the JCS2004 RR (I'm down to the over-1 on 32-ct bits, which is admittedly what is slowing me down). I have my Seasonal Exchange item to finish (about 35% done and there's *no* excuse on this one) and I need to have some significant progress made on my model before Nashville (which I actually have airline tickets for now...woohoo!).

Everything else is put away until these items are done. I hear Em (Emerald Mermaid) and EG (Egyptian Garden) hollering from my stash....and even AQ (Autumn Queen) is getting rather haughty (and she is for DH....and my second favorite queen [Winter is #1...and finished..what a coincidence])

But once those three are done....I'm definitely diving in for a spell of "screaming" ;)


Return of Sock

Remember that sweet purple sock I posted a few days ago? He's back with a friend:

Don't they make a cute couple? HA!

These are going to DD as she was my patient model while I was making them ("Hold up your foot! Let me measure!").

The next pair is coming from one of these four candidates:

From left to right:

Opal Self-Patterning in greys
Knit Picks Sock Garden in Hydrangea
Opal Self-Patterning in lavendar/blue/cream
Knit Picks Sock Landscape in Rocky Mountain

Which would *you* pick?

On the reading front, I finished my re-read of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this week and started Order of the Phoenix. Given that my first read of OotP was done in nine hours the day it was released two years ago (has it been that long?!? How time flies!), I'm looking forward to taking a *little* longer this time.

This weekend I intend to stitch in between family...ummm...stuff. DD is hosting a pool/slumber party (the boys are invited to the pool party but NOT the slumber party) on Saturday afternoon/night, so I'm sure that'll keep me busy. Hey, I get to watch Phantom again on Saturday night (DD's request), so I'm psyched! Who cares if it's with 4 15-yr old girls?!?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Traffic Reports

I have a 26 mile commute to work each morning and one about the same length going home in the afternoon (I know, what a shock). Most of it is freeway (ok, most of the way *to* work is freeway, I cheat and take more surface streets on the way home) and depending on the time of day and time of year (read: school year = more traffic by ASU), I can pretty well judge the "normal" amount of traffic.

However, I still use the usual "drive time" traffic reports to identify unusual amounts of traffic. Hey, you live in a large city and have a decent-length commute, traffic reporting is a "must-have" in the morning and afternoon.

Now, as you may (or may not if you haven't been reading my blog too long..or even paying attention) or may not know, I have Sirius Satellite Radio in my car (that I LOVE). I listen to nothing else (which may explain why I just learned my CD player is on the fritz...I think I've used it a half dozen times in the 18 months I've had this deck).

"But Annette...Sirius is national. How do you get your essential traffic reports?"

Good question! The answer? Channel 159. Sirius does "Traffic & Weather" for 20 metro areas on 150-159. Phoenix shares its channel with Miami, so not only do I know the traffic hot spots in Phoenix, I can also get around in Miami (well, I could if I was there...and had somewhere to actually *go* in Miami). Every four minutes I get traffic and weather for Phoenix.

It's apparent from the way Phoenix traffic is read, that there *is* someone local providing the information. I mean who else would know that The Broadway Curve, The Hohokam, The Maricopa and I-10 are all the same freeway, just different bits? And Black Canyon and The Durango Curve both refer to I-17? Took me *months* to figure that out when I moved here, let me admit right here. We won't even mention the whole Squaw Peak/Piestawa nonsense...just say SR 51, please.

Once you get the freeway names straight (there's also The Superstition which is 60), you're left with the street and city names. Given the location of the state and the population mix, does it surprise you we've got both Mexican/Spanish and Indian names along with more traditional "named-after-a-local-politician/celebrity/stand-up-guy" names? Didn't surprise me. Also the fact that 32nd St and 32nd Ave are no where near each other? The "Avenues" are west of Central and the "Streets" are east....if you're in Phoenix proper...in the suburbs, well, they don't always follow the "rules."

So, listening to Phoenix traffic read by someone back east can get interesting. In the last week alone:

"Slowing on 60 at Val Vista..." came out as Val VEEsta, rather than VISta (as in "history")

"Accident at Camelback and 19th..." 19th what? Street? Avenue? There's a big difference...

"Slowing on 101 East..." 101 is a loop around town. It goes north, south, east & west and if you don't tell me what exit at least, I've no idea *where* on the loop this could be.

I won't even try to detail how they pronounce Ahwautukee. (Should be: Ah-wah-TOO-key)

And I can't wait to hear them in July and August on the weather. They're still saying that 105 is "a hot one." Yeah. Right. *I* don't even say "hot" until it's at least 110.



Night-time sharpens heightens each sensation . . .
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination . . .
Silently the senses abandon their defences . . .
Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour . . .
Grasp it, sense it tremulous and tender . . .
Turn your face away from the garish light of day,
turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light
and listen to the music of the night . . .

--Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera
Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics by: Charles Hart

This song has been in my head since about 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Well, I'm guessing on the time. The show started just after 2:00, so maybe it was closer to 3:00 when this part of the performance was done...

Lost? Sorry...let me back up...like a year....

Last July, my Mother called and asked if I was interested in seeing Phantom of the Opera at Gammage Auditorium (on the Arizona State University campus...a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building...but that's a post for another day...). Anyway, my daughter loves Phantom. She's read the book....she's heard the music and we conspired to give her a "Phantom-themed" birthday this year which would include the tickets to the live performance.

Mom bought tickets. Good tickets. Six of them, though she wasn't precisely sure at the time who would be using them other than her, my daughter and myself.

Fast forward to March 31st of this year (daughter's birthday) when Daughter learned we were going to the live theatrical performance. She was pretty psyched. She also received her own copy of the soundtrack (the London version 2-CD set as recommended by a certain muse) and two charms for her bracelet (a rose and PotO logo). She really wanted the movie (Daughter and Mom saw it last December)....but I was waiting for the live show first.

Fast forward again to Saturday past. Show was at 2:00p and being in Arizona assures a wide variety of dress styles for a matinee theater performance. Everything from shorts to formals. We were in the middle with Daughter in a dress and dress pants and blouse for myself. The other members of our group were Mom and Al and my brother V and his new wife.

We filed slowly into the cool interior (after standing outside in the 100+ degrees for awhile) and made our way alllll the way around the lobby area to our designated portal (Gammage is circular). Portal 2. The closest to the stage. We're in Row 5. Yeah, good seats.

I love live theater. This did not disappoint. It was amazingly wonderful. The music....oh my.

Afterwards, Daughter and Mom braved the crowds and found a t-shirt. We all braved the traffic and found our way back home eventually around 5:30p. A quick change and off to the grocery store....

...where I picked up the Phantom DVD. As Daughter reminded me "You've seen it now! We can get the movie!" I admit, I was intrigued.

Home, dinner, yadda yadda and by 9:00 she can't stand it anymore. She wants to watch the movie....ok by me. Son is off to bed, DH is off to watch something else and it's only Daughter and I with The Phantom. On the big screen. In stereo.

I did something I *never* do while watching a movie. I had nothing in my hands. That's right, no stitching, no knitting, *nothing* distracting from the movie. This is unheard of. But I just had to watch...it wasn't live theater, but it was still wonderful.....and the music is still....oh my...I love the music....

Turn your face away from the garish light of day,
turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light
and listen to the music of the night . . .

So, I saw Phantom twice on Saturday....and it was SO worth it....


Meme Catchup

First, for Jenni: Laceweight Yarn - I love the color and the seller is *very* interesting...

On to the questions:

Stitching Blogger's Questions:

What do you like *least* about cross stitching?

Chart errors and the tendency to attract frogs when one's attention wanders...

How do you deal a "stitching slump?"

You mean like the one I'm in now? First, I don't fight it as that just makes it last longer. I read, play games on the computer or if it's strictly "stitching" I'll do some knit or crochet until I feel the call once again. Usually it's no more than a couple weeks....I think the five year slump was a freak occurrence ;)

Booking Thru Thursday:

Some people, like my mother, only read paperback books. Others prefer hard cover books. Some read hard cover books because they come out first, but prefer paperbacks otherwise. And you?
Do you prefer to read hard cover or paperback books?
Do you read books in the other format anyway?

I have a slight preference for paperbacks, but only because I find them more portable. If it's a book I'm dying to read, I'll buy the hardback as soon as it's published (Laurell Hamilton books fit this criteria as do Harry Potter). If it's a series I've read and re-read and hardbacks are available, I'll buy them for longevity (Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series fits this criteria).

I've "dabbled" in audiobooks as well and with the recent gift of an iPod Shuffle from my spouse, I expect I'll be spending more time in that format ;)

Buy, borrow, trade
Some people like to be surrounded by books, and keep everything they've ever read. Others don't like the clutter, and keep them long enough to read them. Most people seem to be somewhere in the middle...
Do you buy the books you read, or do you borrow them from the library or from friends or from somewhere else?

All of the above! My mother and I trade books quite often and there's a "lending cube" here at work where I found most of the JD Robb "In Death" series. At the same time Amazon and Barnes & Noble are favorites for shopping online and when I find myself looking for older or "classic" stories, I'll hit the library.

Do you prefer new or used books?

Nope. A book is a book ;)

If you buy them, do you keep them? If you don't keep them, how long do you hold on to them before letting them go? What do you do with them?

Usually I keep them. About once a year I'll do a clear out and visit the local used bookstore for some trade credit...and yes, I spend it on more books...


A Moment....

"I'll post that entry in just a moment...."

"I can answer that meme! I'll just be a moment..."

"I'll only visit for just a moment..."

"Wait, I just need a moment at that yarn shop..."

So, the last week or so has been a series of "moments." Some have never quite made it (posting), some were extended long past their original lifetime (shopping) and some were just out of my control (ezMess).

Where have I been the last week? So glad you asked.....

June 1-3rd I was outside of Los Angeles, California on a business trip. I visited the beautiful cities of Burbank (ok, just the airport there), Arcadia (that's where the hotel was), Rosemead (the offices I was visiting) and Irwindale (the location of the User Group conference I attended).

Work-wise, it was a great trip. I was travelling with a co-worker and my current boss (former boss's boss....who has taken our group on temporarily). Both are just great people and I can't imagine anyone better to have spent that time with. I spent three days in one meeting after another, but I got something useful out of every single one (not something I can say when my schedule looks like that at my home office LOL)

As you can imagine, there wasn't much time for sight-seeing. The highlight? I drove past Santa Anita Racetrack and while I had hoped to get a few minutes to find Seabiscuit's statue, it didn't happen :( Maybe next time....

Ok, that's the sum of the California trip, but there was a "moment" on the Tuesday before I left. In fact, I'd say it was a Yarn Harlot worthy moment ;) On Memorial Day I had the great notion of finding a simple sock pattern to take on my trip. I found one online that was just the ticket: Sock Lessons. Of course, this called for needles *and* yarn I didn't have handy. The solution? Why a trip to the LN/YS on Tuesday at lunchtime, of course! Now, I knew there selection was somewhat limited in the needle and "normal" yarn area, so I checked good old DexOnline for any other shops within lunch hour distance. I found one a bit closer, but in the same direction....perfect!

Off I went. I looked for the new shop, but missed it on the way to my usual LN/YS. As suspected, they had neither the called for yarn or needles, but in the interest of flexibility, I did get a set of needles one size down. For this exercise, if I only knit one sock that didn't fit anyone in the family, it wouldn't be a total loss. As I was making tentative plans to stop at Michael's on the way home for suitable yarn, I spotted the new shop on the right side of the road just as I drove past! Do I go back? Do I press on and continue with my Michael's plan? What would Stephanie (aka Yarn Harlot) do?

I made a U-Turn.....

It was a good decision. The shop actually supports both needlepoint and yarn and I found the perfect ball of purple acrylic/wool blend for my sock lesson. They were also out of the #6 DPN but I'd already resigned myself to use #5s. *Very* nice ladies in the shop, too. I'll be back ;)

After packing that night, I cast on for the sock and carefully packed it in my carryon bag after calling the airline to confirm that wooden knitting needles were acceptable in the cabin (as long as you've got yarn, you're good on Southwest). I admit, I didn't get much knitting done while in CA, but I did finish the sock a couple nights ago here at home. May I present my first completed Sock....

I tell you, I couldn't be more proud! And the best part? IT FITS! (well, it fits DD as she is the intended recipient). I'm about 2/3 down to the heel on Sock II.

Meanwhile my sock yarn is stacking up as I've received my Angel Yarns order and still have Knitpicks yarn waiting as well. Not to mention the laceweight I won on ebay today....but that's destined for my Pi Shawl....

Stitching? Uh yeah...well....another confession. With all the stress lately, I haven't picked up my stitching for a couple weeks now, preferring larger needles and no scissors to a frog infestation. However, I'm happy to report that things are calming down and I no longer expect a new disaster to strike at any moment. Ezboard, not withstanding. That I have no control over....

I have been reading, as the drastic changes over on the sidebar might suggest. I finished one Nora Roberts (Face the Fire - very good), the Agatha Christie (Cards on the Table) and the re-read of the Black Jewels Trilogy (Nicki, you are in for a treat with those! I'm so glad you picked them up!)

Tomorrow's Friday Forum doesn't appeal, so I'm hoping top find some time to catch up on the Stitching Blogger's Questions and Booking Thru Thursday....

I just need a moment.....