What does it mean....?

What does it mean when my blog posts are nothing but books read, movies and tv watched, hints of stitching and the odd tag or meme?

That my life is downright calm right now.

But you know what? Given all that's happening in the world...I thank the Lord every day that it is! Wonderful DH and kids and dogs that are only minorly challenging is just the way I like it. I am a blessed woman (and not just because I'm sneezing....allergies, ya know).

That said, here are the highlights...


Finished Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella - the ultimate chicklit book. A very fun read and the fact that it is set in London just made it more fun for me.

Started Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler - After watching Sahara the other night (loved it!) I did a search in the "lending cube" at work for Dirk Pitt novels and found this one. I think I might have to raid the library next as I'm really enjoying the bit of action adventure. Of course, it's also the first book I've read where the *author* is one of the characters....

Also started Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee - it's a series of short bits, so a good evening-just-before-bed book.


Sahara - as mentioned above....loved it!!!

Hitch - watched this just last night and laughed out loud. I do like Will Smith (yes, I know he plays the same character in every movie....but it's one I *like*)

Invasion (TV) - kinda creepy but I'm liking it still after two weeks

Criminal Minds (TV) - Mandy Patinkin. 'nuff said.

NUMB3RS (TV) - they are so good at giving a little "twist" toward the end to keep ya guessing.

Amazing Race (TV) - Ok, the fact that a family I liked was eliminated in the first show and two that are like nails-on-a-chalkboard made it to the next leg isn't encouraging. But it was cool to see the kids beat the grownups!

Survivor (TV) - The toughest season yet.


Umm...nothing new to report here. Still working on Autumn Queen....I'll do my usual monthly goal post and finally *get some pictures up* this weekend. Really. I swear!


From Ann:

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

Visit London
Visit the Louvre
Visit the Smithsonian
Master enough HTML for a killer webpage
Finish Stroke of Midnight
See my children graduate college
Spoil my grandchildren

7 Things I Can Do:
Make amazing cheesecake
Drawn Thread stitching
Make my children giggle
Make my spouse gasp
Find the answer if I don't *know* the answer

7 Things I Cannot Do: (but might someday)
Make pie crust from scratch
Roll my tongue (nope, don't have the right genes)
See more than 6" clearly without my glasses
Go long without a Coke (a day...but that's it)
Willingly eat meat loaf or green beans
Be cruel to anyone
Remember all the birthdays I want to....

7 Things that Attract Me to Another Person
A good smile
Gorgeous eyes
A Sense of Humor
A Quick Wit
Practicality (to a point...)

7 Celebrity Crushes:
Shaun Cassidy (when I was a teen!)
Scott Bakula
Sean Connery
Alton Brown (for his cooking!)
Marc Cohn (his voice)
Harrison Ford
Johnny Depp

7 Things I Say the Most:
"And you expect this *when*?"
"Have a wonderful day!"
"Yes, dear"
"Woobie" (DD) or "My Sweet Babboo" (DS)
"I love you"

7 Bloggers I Will Tag:

...nope! If you'd like to be tagged, go right ahead, but I ain't namin' names....

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Meme-r, Meme-r

Technically, I'm a day early, I know. But as most of you won't *see* this until Tuesday, it won't really appear all that different in the grand scheme of things.

Oh wait, I'll be missing one of my sources....bother...I'll have to catch up tomorrow on that one..

But first, one comment from yesterday. I did think of emailing blog entries, but as the prohibition is on *blogging* itself, that's kind of stretching the limits and well, I *do* like my job. We'll see how long it takes for this first rush of inspection to pass. In the meantime, I'll still write my entries, email 'em home and then post from there :) Not like I have earth-shattering news anyway!

On to da memes...we have a new player beginning this week...(you might say I know the authors).

The A List

Why do you answer memes? Or read other people's answers? What memes do *you* read?

I answer memes because I like to think it forces me to answer questions that I might not otherwise share on the blog. Come on, I can't talk reading and stitching and life *all* the time without sounding terribly pompous and downright boring!

I do read other people's answers essentially to learn more about them and see how their answers compare to mine :) I love when I find someone that answers like me and love when someone I feel I know comes up with an answer I'm not expecting.

As for which memes I read/answer - let me give you the examples!

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

What is the most challenging specialty stitch you have ever stitched?

First that comes to mind: picots in hardanger. I'll use a bead before I willingly do a picot ever again!

Booking Through Thursday

Abridged and edited
  1. Are abridged books a good thing or just plain awful? - Only as a way of tempting someone to read the *whole* book or as a help for reading comprehension (a la Cliff's Notes)
  2. How about books that are edited to modernize them? - No! No! No!
  3. Is dated language part of the charm of a book or an irritation? - Part of the charm...the environment...the whole "escapist" idea...
  4. Have you ever read an abridged or edited version of a book? - I seem to remember my mom having the odd edition of a "Reader's Digest Condensed books" but I cannot tell you a single title I read.
The only other *regular* Meme you'll see here is Musing on Movies. Unfortunately it comes out on Tuesday, so I'll have to catch up tomorrow.

I still read the Friday Forum questions, just none have called to me lately ;)

Until...well...sometime soon!


Speeding through the Bookshelf

In the last few days, I finished Wilbur Smith's River God and Mary Janice Davidson's Undead and Unwed.

At several hundred pages, River God took most of the week on the bus. I really enjoyed it and I can *not* believe it sat two years on my shelf waiting patiently to be read! I really must get the next two - The Seventh Scroll and Warlock.

Undead and Unwed was a very quick read. One day on the bus and then an hour on Saturday morning and it was done. Fun read, kind of "chick-lit meets vampire" with the main character a rather unique vampire with a weakness for designer shoes. There are several sequels so I'll be adding those to the library for some fun reads.

Mom dropped off Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella and that's the new bus book.

Stitching-wise, I've finished my ornaments for the month (2 RRs worth), finished off my September Snapper and am planning to spend the rest of the month working on Autumn Queen.

Pictures? Uh yeah....I know. One of these days I'll get my FTP software installed on a new computer (either the Mac laptop or our new PC) and upload them so you can see....I *am* taking them at least!

Work has implemented new internet security policies that prohibit blogging, so my entries may be a little sparse until I get used to blogging from home all the time rather than here and there....and evidently ezboard posts are being snagged in the web as well, so while I will be reading some, I won't be posting much during the day. I rather like my job ;)


Meme Island

Musing on Movies

Remaking old TV series into movies is all the rage right now. What is the best small-to-big screen adaptation you have seen? What is the worst? Is there one that you liked, even if it didn't follow the original series at all? What TV show deserves the "big screen"
treatment? Who would you cast?

::thinking:: Movies based on TV shows that I've seen.....

Um, there aren't many. In fact, the only onesI can think of offhand are the numerous Star Trek movies. Heck, the ones with the "original" cast are better than the TV show. That's just my opinion, of course ;) Otherwise I usually avoid the big screen versions as for the most part, I've yet to hear really good things about them.

As for a TV Show that would "translate" to the big screen...first to mind is "Monk." You've got to keep the cast, though, I can't imagine anyone else in those roles. They do a great job with the series, but an "expanded" plotline and a deeper mystery would be great for a movie.

Oh! I did see "The Powerpuff Girls" - does that count? Same cast, same style, just really really long....

Booking through Thursday

What are your five favorite books of all time? Why did they make the list?

All books made the list because I can (or have) read them over and over and love them anew each time:

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
Dragonriders of Pern (the first three books) - Anne McCaffrey
The Belgariad - David Eddings
Black Jewels Trilogy - Anne Bishop
Tuesday Club Murders - Agatha Christie

What's the earliest book you can remember? Do your family read? Who encouraged you to read?

Never Tease a Weasel by Jean Conder Soule I had it memorized for years (not so much now...)

My mother read and I vividly recall her keeping all the lights on in the house when she was reading Stephen King's Salem's Lot sometime in the early 80's. My grandparents were both school teachers, so I had *lots* of encouragement and a good-sized library growing up.

Reference books—do you have any? Why do you have the ones you do? Do you use them?

The standard ones: dictionary, thesaurus, quotations
The not-so-standard ones: a host of computer-related books, egyptian hieroglyphics and various accounting and finance tomes (the latter school-related).

Stitching Bloggers Question

Do you stitch for events like weddings, engagements, or other things that might not last? If you have been unlucky and the two people broke up, what happened to your stitched gift?

I've only stitched two wedding samplers. One for my current DH and myself (it's safe for the long-term) and one for my brother and his bride earlier this year. I've got confidence in that one, too.

I did find out that my XH "disposed" of a stitched piece of mine by selling it at a garage sale. I suppose if I had actually *liked* the piece it would have been significantly more upsetting. As I wasn't all that thrilled with it, I'm just glad it went to someone that would hang it in their home and enjoy it.....even though I've no idea who it is!



In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day...a wealth o' pirate bounty!

My pirate name is:

Captain Anne Flint

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

Hmm..methinks I like this one better:

MSN Pirate Name Generator:

Arrrrgh me beauty, send the name Annette to davy jones's locker! You will commandeer your ship as :

Jolly Jeannie

(Tisn't the prettiest nickname, tis a nickname none the less)

The ultimate Pirate Glossary!

Avast, ye bilge rats! Fair winds be at yer back until the morrow when we set sail for Meme Island!


But I Only Needed One....

I've been on quite the reading kick since I'm riding the bus again. Let me just say it is an absolute *pleasure* to be able to get thru a decent sized book (300+ pages) in less than a month again. At home I only read just before going to sleep (unless it's something absolutely gripping) and that's usually no more than 15-20 minutes. On the bus it's no more than 3-4 days to get thru the entire book.

While I plan to sort thru my "unread" shelves this weekend to take better stock of what I have on the waiting list, I knew of one book I wanted for both DH and I to read. So off to AmazonUK yesterday to pluck it from my Wish List where I'd stored it a few weeks ago. Falco on his Metal by Lindsey Davis is a three-book "omnibus" in the Didius Falco series. I already have the first two, so these are the next in the series.

Why AmazonUK? Because AmazonUS says they are out of print. Uh huh. *I* know better. They don't even have the three-book omnibus.

Now, I wouldn't want this book to make the trek overseas all by it's lonesome, so I added The Little Book of SuDoku to the package.

The problem with ordering from the UK is the delivery time. It takes awhile to swim across the Atlantic and then that long cross-country trek to Arizona. What's a girl to do?

Why order a couple more from AmazonUS, of course. Free shipping and all that (and as I type this I realize I should have gone with Barnes & Noble instead...their free shipping is faster! Bother!)

Oh well, here's what's coming:

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. I saw someone reading this on the bus and did some research. Looks like a great book for me as well as my two dragon-loving children.
Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson. Been on my Wish List forever after recommendations on the Stitching Readers BB.
The Chalice and The Blade by Glenna McReynolds. Another from the Readers BB (Yes, Haze, you got me again!)
SuDoku: More than 200 fun and challenging Japanese number puzzles by Tammy Seto. Yeah, I know. It's an illness. But it was in my "Gold Box" specials so at least it was at a discount!

Additionally, I got an email that a pre-order has now shipped:

Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I read her blog every day without fail and it never lets me down....she's is a gifted writer and absolutely hilarious!

So, yeah, I'm set for awhile.

Now if I could just adjust to my new glasses....I've graduated to bifocals and while my distance vision is fantastic, I still have to get the hang of focusing close up.


A Finish of a Different Kind

I know, I mentioned yesterday that I might have a finished piece to show off today.

Unfortunately, I have two *other* kinds of finishes to relate. One good, one not so good.

The good finish: Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. If you like good epic fantasy with good vs evil, otherworld politics, inventive magic, then this is definitely the book for you! I had been reading it on the bus to and from work (about an hour a day total) and simply couldn't put it down when I got home last night. I had only 100 pages to go and there was a battle raging! I had to see how it played out (and wasn't disappointed...at all).

Next bus book: River God by Wilbur Smith. I've had this on my shelf for over two years based on comments on the Stitching Readers BB (yes, Haze, you can claim this one LOL). I know I bought it back when I was riding the bus before!

As for the not-so-good finish....

A moment of silence please for my home computer. After DH noticed some questionable odors being emitted this week by my 4-yr old system, we made the decision to "put it to sleep" last night. I had spent time this past weekend burning irreplaceable files to CD (ok, *DH* did the burning, I just organized the files) so all that was left last night was exporting my address book and favorites and forwarding critical emails to a temporary address. (Still need to consolidate the data to some text files for easier backup...).

Once I was happy I'd gotten everything, we shut the computer down, pulled the hard drive and reinvented it as a "secondary" drive on DH's new computer. We wiped its files (reformatted) and renamed the partitions for its new role.

It was a great computer and never balked at anything I asked it to do. A true machine and I hope I gave it a happy life.

As the plan is to reduce the number of computers in the house, there will be no replacement. We're hoping to get by with just a desktop and laptop, both of which are quite dependable and current.

Now for the fun of reinstalling all my stuff!


My Favorite Memes

With the debut of Musing on Movies, Tuesday will probably become my "Meme Day" for awhile. I do so few anymore, I'd rather just put 'em all together in one post!

These are a few of my favorite things
"My Precious"~~The Lord of the Rings
What are some of your all-time favorite movies?
Why are they your favorites?

In no particular order:

Gone With the Wind - the grandeur, the romance of the South, the amazing work of Leigh, Gable, de Havilland and the rest of the cast. A timeless movie that is just as good today as when it was originally released.

The Red Violin - the score is phenomenal and the story is captivating. We rented this movie on a whim not too long after it was released to DVD and were utterly amazed that we had missed it in the theatre! One of my most recommended movies as not many people I know have seen it.

The Incredibles - my all-time favorite Disney movie. *Just* squeaks by Sleeping Beauty (still my favorite in the "classic animation" category). Perfect for kids of all ages.

The Court Jester - classic comedy. *Real* comedy - not the mean-spirited, low comedy found in many contemporary releases.

Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House - another classic comedy. Multiply the numbers in the movie by a factor of 10 and you could release it today and hit home ;)

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil - is it the stunning Savannah location? The twist and turns of the true story? The fact it's amazingly close to the book? Not sure why, but I love this movie!

..I'll stop there!

What are some of your *least* favorite movies?
Why don't you like them?

Any "slasher" horror movie - don't waste my time.

Any Adam Sandler movie - or any "comedy" that gets its laughs from someone else's physical or emotional discomfort.

ET the Extra-Terrestrial - I hate this movie. Too saccharin-sweet and utterly predictable.

I'm hopelessly behind on my next Meme, so this is an older question...

Booking Through Thursday
  1. Which 3 authors would you invite to a dinner party (they can be dead)? Shakespeare, David Eddings and Agatha Christie

  2. Why? They each represent one of my favorite genres of books. While I couldn't pump William or Agatha on their plans for their next release, it would be great to hear their opinions on my favorites!

  3. Would they get along? I would hope so!

That's all for today! Tomorrow I might have pictures to post as I've finished one of my ornament RR pieces...ooooo....


So...What Do You Think???

Do not adjust your monitor...this is still Annette's Acre.

I've just got a new look :)

*Many* thanks to the Design-A-Blog folks for the lovely new graphics and layout. I admit, I was a bit on the picky side, but they were nothing but helpful!


Odds and Ends

First, a WIP pic from last weekend's Monochrome SAL:

This is Dinky Dye's Shiraz Sampler done in their Yallingup Cotton on antique white jobelan.

Just over one skein for this much done. The whole sampler takes 6-7 total. I love the colors.

For now, I'm back to a couple Ornament RR pieces and then my September BC Snapper is up.


I finished a couple books this week as well. First A New Attitude by Charlotte Hughes. Not bad, but rather lacking in an overall sense of "purpose" - things just happened to the main character without much of a final goal in mind. I mean, it's fairly obvious she's going to get together with the other main character, but I would think there would be some other grand finale, you know?

Next I finished Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. This is a new author and the series is set in a knitting shop. Other than the constant use of the phrases: "artistically arranged boxes" and "soft and inviting" when describing the products in said shop, it was worth keeping an eye out for the next installment. It includes two knitting patterns and a recipe for cinnamon rolls that looks pretty good. Not as "out of left field" on the solution as Monica Ferris can get, which is a bit easier to take.

The bedside book is now Love Overboard by Janet Evanovich. It's one of her early romance-type books she wrote prior to Stephanie Plum's series. Should be quick - and definitely a "light" read.

The bus book is more in line with my usual reading material: Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. 15 pages read on the commute this morning and I'm ready to take it out at lunchtime today to keep going. Wonderful magic base and twists in just the first pages. I love his Dresden Files series, so it's no surprise I'm drawn in already here.

Of course, what I *wanted* to start was Diane Gabaldon's Fiery Cross as a refresher for A Breath of Snow and Ashes coming out in two weeks. But could I *find* said book yesterday? Of course not! I found all the others in the series, but not FC. Bother. I'll hunt again this weekend as I rather doubt the Evanovich will take long to finish.

And in the course of pulling links for all the above titles, my Wish List on Barnes & Noble *and* Amazon has been expanded.....LOL

Game Hunt

I'm also on the lookout for a new PC game. DH has upgraded his PC and we can start looking at some of the new games out. My PC will still play Pharoah and Pandora's Box, but it won't play Black & White (B&W wasn't written for XP), which is a great game as well. There's good news, though! Black & White 2 will be out soon (Oct. 4) and DH's PC will easily handle it :)

A few others I've spotted that look interesting:

Dragonshard - out September 20th. D&D and real-time strategy. A potentially winning combination - ok, at least for me.

Egyptian Prophecy - an oldie, but still looks good.

Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None - Oh yeah, classic Christie! I do know the solution of the original story, though. According to the reviews it won't help me..LOL

Civilization 3 - I go back to this one again and again...and wonder if maybe I should give it a try...

Any recommendations?


The Results are In....

No pneumonia!!! (Everyone breathe a sigh of massive relief to match mine...LOL)

But, I still have a horrible cough, so another trip to the doctor to see what they can do so it doesn't end up worse...


Here we go again...

With one exception, it was an excellent weekend.

I watched several DVDs (The Aviator, Finding Neverland, Constantine, Chef! Season 1), I stitched (Shiraz and an ornament...pictures soon) and lounged around at home happily.

The exception?

That would be the cough. That got progressively worse over the weekend.

My doctor suspects another round of pneumonia (have had chest xray - just waiting for confirmation). My appointment this morning was pre-scheduled for a totally unrelated matter but when she heard the cough...well...that's where she started.

Stay tuned...more tomorrow....


Monthly Goals - September

August Goals Recap:

Start/Finish August Snapper - Yes!
Stitch next Ornament RR - Not received until 8/30 - but it should be quick
LOTS of progress on Faerie Blue - Oh yes!
Have a blast at Nashville CATS! - Of course
Finish DD's Knitted Tank - uh..no

I also finished Butterfly Lace, so that should count for something...

September Goals:

Start/Finish September Snapper
Stitch next Ornament RR (x2)
Start Shiraz Sampler on Labor Day
Stitch on:
Tropical Dream
Faerie Blue
Autumn Queen
Knit on DD's Tank

Ambitious, but we'll see how it goes....


SuDoku Seduction


It started out innocently enough.

Once a month there was a pseudo-SuDoku puzzle in my "Brainteasers, Puzzles, etc A-Day" Desk Calendar. (The next one is September 7th)

Within two months, I had looked forward to find when each one fell in the month for the remainder of the year. They were by far my favorite puzzle in the calendar.

Then someone posted this link online: WebSudoku. I printed a half-dozen puzzles and worked thru them in a relatively short time (hey, I was at work...)

Then another link: DailySudoku and I have religiously printed the daily puzzle and worked it (as best I could) each day. I'm thrilled when I manage to finish a "Hard" puzzle and am pretty consistent with the "Mediums" right now.

And on Amazon I found: Sudoku Easy by Will Shortz. Handy to figure out strategy, but they are almost *too* easy now so I need to order this one.

Also found a free app for my Treo (Palm device), so I can play anywhere...

And now rumors of a UK-published monthly magazine......

I'm doomed. Doomed I tell you! But I can count to 9 *really* good!